Atlago's clients include some of the most recognized small businesses in Atlanta, as well as startup companies looking to grow their business and market share. One of our founding principles is to grow with our clients.  As their needs evolve, so must our offerings. Our customer-first culture requires us to understand our clients' current and future needs and build an organization that best supports them.

Atlago provides a focused portfolio of services, including:

Business Management

  • Business Process Improvement:  We are your guide to improving processes, and helping you deploy new processes that are sustainable, measurable, and continuously improved.

  • Organizational Change Management: Significant change requires that the organization be ready for the change.  We will help you ensure that your organization educates, trains, communicates, and provides the executive leadership to sustain your improvements.

  • Enterprise Project Management and IT Governance: We improve your management of application portfolios, perform project planning and scheduling, implement performance metrics, and provide experienced program managers.  We can help you implement processes and tools at an enterprise level that will support more effective project management capabilities.

Technology Consulting

  • Application Development and Support:  We can assist you by deploying certified project managers and experienced teams to design, construct and implement solutions; managing and enhancing delivered applications to improve customer satisfaction, service levels and ROI.

  • Systems Integration:  When applications aren't integrated, companies fill the gaps with process and organizational solutions.  We will reduce your costs by building cost-effective interfaces between disparate applications and eliminating redundancies by consulidating operating units to single application platforms.
  • Project Management:  We can help your team execute business initiatives with best practices and disciplines to deliver tangible, successful results.


Total Solution. Best Results. Atlago.